Replacing alternator (fan/auxilliary) belt.

Time to complete - took me 30 mins for my first time.  Probably can be done less now I know how.

If possible probably best to spray some release oil on the bolts the day before if possible, although despite my car being 7 yrs old and rusty underneath, all bolts came off reasonably easily.

Tools required:
  • Usual tools to remove wheels
  • Axle stands MUST be used to support car
  • Spanners/sockets for 15mm (alternatorhex  bolts) and 8mm (tensioner bolt)
  • T25 Torx screw
  • Seems possible to do it without removing engine access panel, but it becmae much easier when I did.
  • New belt : Part Number (MGR) PQS100840 (or equivalent form Halfords, other motor shops)
Preparation: Remove rear offside wheel as usual and jack up and SUPPORT car

Click on thumbnail for larger picture
Remove spray guard thing in wheel arch.  In the F there is a central screw (T25 Torx) (which I broke!!)
There are two other plastic screws at the bottom of each edge.  One of them has a slip in loop (pic).  The other side is one of the plastic things made of butter.  It is likely to get damaged You can now see the crankshaft pulley and fan belt
Undo the bolt to the left of the alternator.  You dont have to remove it, just make sure it is loose (13mm I think).  I dont think this is necessary but I did it anyway Next undo the other one on the other side.  I had a new one fitteed and its now17mm.  Not sure what it was before.  Probably dont have to remove this either, but I did .This will allow the alternator to swing on its top pivot. The bolt in number 5 is actually quite difficult to get access to.  I managed using an adjustable spanner coming from below as in the pic.
Next bolt is the tensioner bolt at the front side of the alternator (outwith view).  This is not easy to get to or even see and you have to "feel for it".  You can get a socket wrench up from the bottom of the car.  It is an 8mm  bolt (maybe 7mm??).  However I found it much easier to undo this bolt from ABOVE when the engine access cover was removed. (see next pic) Also looking at this picture, you can see an oily patch on the alternator just where it meets the timing belt cover.  This is the location of the 4th bolt, the adjusting screw.  I dont know if I could have loosened this WITHOUT going in from the top.  Loosen this also (sorry photo never appeared on camera??) .  The alternator should now be free to swing towards the rear of the car (with a push). The old belt can now be slipped of and the new one slipped over the two pulleys. These part numbers from the old and new belts
may help someone?  THe belt should be tensioned to 10kg according to workshop manual.  To novices, make sure it can turn 1/4 turn , no more or no less.  It shoudl be tight but not too tight.  If its loose you will probably soon know form squealing noises
I would give this a difficulty rating of 2/10 well within the limit of an amateur like me. Not a 1 purely for lack of access, but it still didnt take me long and there was nothing technically difficult.  This is the part number (Unipart) of the old one

All mechanical suggestions and tips are purely for information only.  I accept no responsibility for any damage to vehicles or persons as a result of any of my information.  Consult a MG-Rover manual before attempting any repairs.  Some repairs should be carried out by professionals only.