Changing Spark Plugs in a Mk2 and MEMS 3 MGF

Spark plugs should be changed at the main 4/5 60K service,but although they are meant to last that long, it is often something that self DIYers change more often, as it can make a difference to performance

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After removing access cover, you will
see the cover with Rover written on it
Remove 3 bolts and now you can see the HT leads and coil packs Undo bolts holding coil packs to access those spark plugs. Others at other end of leads. Need to disconnect power supply by removing multiplug to the side of head
Coil has been removed on left exposing spark plug. Remove all plugs one at a time and replace with new ones - 0.9mm gap. Add copergrease to thread of plugs Cover has been repalced and cleaned :). Good time to clean other parts of engine bay whilst access hatch is off. Old and new spark plugs together

Job done!!

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