Replacing the fuel filter

Fuel filters keep fuel clean for efficient burning.  The can get clogged up bby using dirty fuel, or if fuel runs low or empty, then dirt can accumulate at bottom of tank.  These are recommended to be changed every 2 years, but whether or not all garages do so is a bit of a mystery.  For the sake of about 10 pounds for a filter and 20  mins of time, I change mine every 6-12 months, for piece of mind.

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Remove sound deadening material and carpet from parcel shelf
Undo engine access cover bolts (10mm). Flat ratchet spanner recommended for bolts under t-bar Disconnect battery negative lead (better safe than sorry when working on fuel system;))
Place a spanner or wrench on bolt attached to fuel filter. Use another spanner to undo the smaller bolt attached to fuel pipe
Remove fuel pipe from filter. Some fuel will escape, keep face well back and use a towel or paper to absorb spilt fuel Repeat for bottom bolt, again expect more fuel spill

When removing the filter, you need to bend back small black clip. Fuel flows from tank to filter so make sure you replace new filter in same way. Fit filter and reverse procedure Reconnect battery and run engine for a bit and check for leaks. As I am Scottish I poured all the remaining fuel from old filter into a fuel can to use later :)

Job done!!

*All mechanical suggestions and tips are purely for information only.  I accept no responsibility for any damage to vehicles or persons as a result of any of my information.  Consult a MG-Rover manual before attempting any repairs.  Some repairs should be carried out by professionals only.