Removing front bumper (MGF)

You may need to remove the frontbumper in order to remove grill for painting, or replacement, or to check/replace the radiator etc.

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Remove screw from underneath wheel arch (nearest wheel). Slacken off the screw further along, but no need to remove (may have to turn wheels for better access)
Now use a small flat blade screwdriver and GENTLY prise open the indicators. 90% of the time these clips can break so be very careful!! Remove indicator and then remove bulb by either unscrewing bulb holder or unclipping connector. Place indicator somewhere safe
Behind indicator you can now see the 17mm bolt.
Remove these on both sides of bumper Remove the screws along the top of the bumper (5?) and be ready to catch the bumper in case it falls (though it should be held in place by gravity and by those screws under wheel arches that you did not remove

Bumper can now be removed. Check condition of radiator whilst you are in there

Job done!!

*All mechanical suggestions and tips are purely for information only.  I accept no responsibility for any damage to vehicles or persons as a result of any of my information.  Consult a MG-Rover manual before attempting any repairs.  Some repairs should be carried out by professionals only.