MG Hydragas Specifications

Factory recommended settings:

Heights are measured at  the front wheels only from the middle of the wheel vertically to the underside of the wheel arch. Measurment at 17 degrees C should be 368mm +/- 10mm. With the ride height set like this, the camber will be within spec and the OE tracking settings should be used.

Ambient air temperature can obviously affect liquid pressure, so this must also be taken into account.  In particular, 1 degree centigrade difference from 17 degress, can equate to 0.4 mm  difference in height.  

 at 17C  ideal height = 368mm
    at 15C  ideal height = 367.2mm

and so on.

If you have a Trophy 160, then the ride height is lower as standard. Measurement should be 348mm +/- 10mm, again at 17 degrees C ambient temperature.

There is a recommended pressure of 400 +/-10 psi also, however, it is preferred to go on height only, as 400psi may not equate to true ideal conditions due to car to car differences as a result of the  age of components, levels of Nitrogen in spheres, differences in different pumps  etc.