The hydragas fluid will be pumped up using an original Liquid Levers Hydragas pump. The Liquid Levers Pressure Suspension Pump is a modern version of the original Hydragas Pump with which many will be familiar. It is identical to the Hydravac unit, which is the only product recommended by MGRover (but without the vacuum facility), and is manufactured to the same exacting standards using many common components, by the same company. This is a professional quality tool with a pedigree.

I also use genuine hydrolastic suspension fluid.  This fluid is made up to specific requirements to provide the correct absorbing response and anti-corrosive properties.  It is easily distinguishable by its fluorescent green colour and  extra additive --- an extremely bitter tasting chemical to prevent drinking (due ot alcohol content).

The plastic scrivet holding the under-bonnet plastic cowl in place often breaks.  If this breaks during the process, I will replace free of charge with genuine MGRover parts.