Terms of service

1) I will pump up the suspension to the specific height/pressure as recommended by MGRover (see specifications link to the right), and will take into account ambient air temperature, which can affect the ride height. If I come to your house, you should ensure that you are able to park the car on a flat surface.  I accept no responsibility for any damage caused by following the manufacturers recommended specifications.

2) Please try and make sure the car has sat for 2-3 hours after driving to allow any changes in fluid to settle.  I will ask you to measure the height after a day or two, again 3 hours after driving, and if it has deviated sufficiently, I will re-pump the suspension for no charge.

3) It is preferred that you remove the plastic cover underneath the bonnet, which protects the wiper motor, and hydragas pump up valves, prior to pumping.  I have enclosed a how to guide here.  It requires the removal of only 3 X 10 mm bolts and a plastic screw. If you are not happy to do this yourself, then I will remove this cover on your behalf.

4) You are HIGHLY recommended to get the wheels/tracking properly aligned at a garage after pumping up the suspension, as this can alter the set-up of the suspension.  This is required to maintain correct suspension set up to prevent abnormal tyre wear, poor handling etc.  I am unable to provide this service.

5) If  you are asking me to pump up the suspension with the knowledge that there is a faulty hydragas sphere, or other faulty components, then you should disclose this to me prior ot any arrangement, or take your car to a professional mechanic.  I will not be held responsible for any damage/faults that have been caused by a previous problem.