EKA code retrieval and Key Fob Reprogramming

EKA code:  MGFs and TFs have an Emergency Key Access code (EKA) which is used to drive the car when the key fob is unable to disarm the immobiliser.  This may be due to a flat battery or broken fob, or maybe you have got a new fob you wish to use.  If this happens when you are away from home it can be obviosuly inconvenient.  MG thankfully embedded  4 digit code into your cars alarm system , which can be used to disable the immobliser using the car key in the door lock.  When you bought the car you should have received a little card with this code on it. If not, I can retrieve this code from your alarm system.

If for example your code was 1234, the following procedure is used to start the car

1. First, put car key in the drivers door lock
2. Turn the key 4 times to the lock postition to reset the system. and begin the process.
3. Turn the key to unlock as many times as your first digit of the EKA code is, so if the first digit was "1", you'd turn the key 1 times to the unlock position 
4. Next, turn the key back to the lock position as many times as the second digit (twice in this case)
5. Again, back to unlock as many times as the 3rd digit (3 times)
6. Back to lock as many times as the 4th digit (4 in this case)
7. That's it.  The alarm LED should nopw be flashing.  You cna unlock door and start car.

Key Fob Reprogramming:  The fob makes up a new code each time you press it, and tells the alarm computer the new code, so that they work together.  If your fob is lost, or broken or battery goes flat, then this synchronisation will no longer occur.  You either have to reprogramme the fob, or if you have bought a new replacement or spare fob, then this has programmed to match with the alarm system.  Unfortuantely you normally need to use a MG dealer with T4 system, which will cost at least £40 pounds, or find someone else with equipment which can perform this task (some locksmiths do apparently).

I can program the older style key fobs (squarish shape with two round buttons beside each other...one to open and one to lock).  The newer keys (from 2003) are a rounder shape, like a pie chart and have an MG badge in the middle (see below).   I am unsure as yet if I can programme these newer ones or not .